Why a Good Website Is the Most Important Part of Your Business

The introduction of the internet to popular culture has completely revolutionised every industry. From food delivery apps to 'click and collect' furniture stores, you can buy anything and everything online these days. Still, many small businesses underestimate the true power of the internet at not just a local or national level but as a force to take your products to the international stage. If you want to establish yourself to customers all over Kenya and the world then you need a good website. [Read More]

3 Things to Look for Before You List a Business in an Online Directory

If you're looking to extend your marketing reach, then you may have decided to start listing your business in online directories. You may have a lot of options here, some of which you might not have heard of before. Rather than listing your company in every directory you can find, it's better to start with sites that give you specific marketing and customer capture advantages. The following three features will help. [Read More]