Why a Good Website Is the Most Important Part of Your Business

The introduction of the internet to popular culture has completely revolutionised every industry. From food delivery apps to 'click and collect' furniture stores, you can buy anything and everything online these days. Still, many small businesses underestimate the true power of the internet at not just a local or national level but as a force to take your products to the international stage. If you want to establish yourself to customers all over Kenya and the world then you need a good website. Here are a few tips and tricks to get yourself started.

Website Design Company

It is immediately clear when a website is built by a professional and when it has been scrounged together by someone only half-fluent in coding. First impressions matter a lot when it comes to making a sale, especially when you are online. Your website is all your potential customer has to go on about whether to trust you so it is so important that you use a good website design company to ensure the quality of your site is top-notch. Otherwise, you will get a lot of people clicking on the link to your site only to leave within a few seconds if they are disappointed to find an unwelcoming and confusing design. Don't risk losing a customer before they even see your products, contract a website design company and leave it to the professionals.

Easy Contact

It is quite common for people to have pressing questions about your products, services and general information like the opening hours. A good website allows them to ask these questions much simpler than by trying to find your business in the phonebook. Adding a text option to contact an employee with is a great way to open up yourself to a bunch of new customers who might have otherwise simply not bothered to make the effort to call. This can reel in far more people than you ever had before and generate a lot more in sales.

Company Philosophy

In addition to having your goods for sale, your website should provide a brief company biography and philosophy. More than ever customers want to support businesses that they feel align with their worldview. This also gives your business a more personal feel that differentiates yourself from the big chain stores. Don't be too vague with your descriptive terms either; write it out so that people can understand what you mean in practical terms. 

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