3 Things to Look for Before You List a Business in an Online Directory

If you're looking to extend your marketing reach, then you may have decided to start listing your business in online directories. You may have a lot of options here, some of which you might not have heard of before. Rather than listing your company in every directory you can find, it's better to start with sites that give you specific marketing and customer capture advantages. The following three features will help.

1. Full Company Contact Details

Anyone who finds your business in an online directory is a potential customer. If they find your entry, read your information and like what they see, then they may try to contact you. On a basic level, you want any prospective customers to have your core contact details so they can do this directly. These details should include your business address, contact numbers and an email address.

Some sites also allow you to put up a link to your website. This is useful in a couple of ways. First, some people prefer to take a look at your website before they contact you. It's then easier for them to get in touch directly. This link also helps you build SEO value. Search engines will pick the link up when they crawl the directory site. You may get a boost in search engine placement if you are associated with the directory.

2. A Multifaceted Search Directory

Listing your business online only works if people can find your company on the site. A directory that offers a multifaceted search is usually a better option than one that has a more basic search mechanism. The more ways a prospect can find your business, the more likely they are to find you. So, look for search directories that list your business in ways that suit different types of searches.

For example, one site might only list a geographical search by the town or city in which you're based; another might also have a search by county. If people can search for you by city or county then you tap into searchers who are using both these parameters.

3. A Reviews Section

Some online directories only list core details about a business. While this is useful, additional features like reviews can be a real boost. Reviews give people a chance to find out more about your business. They help them beat out your competition.

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